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Hello! We’re Grapple Gun Games, an independent games developer, established in 2011, with the goal of bringing fun and interesting experiences to the masses.

Lead by one of Australia’s most experienced game developers, Grapple Gun crunches more than 25 years of experiential coal into diamonds of joy. Check out that sparkle!

Contact us for more information about our games, our apps, and how we can work together to take your industry into a standout space of delight and engagement!

Bio : Craig Duturbure

Grapple Gun’s leader and Creative Director has been in the game (literally) since 1993. Climbing his way from lowly junior game designer to the dizzying (literally) heights of Design Director and Creative Director, Craig has learned much along the way and built up a rather unique skill set.

Early explorations in storytelling across varied media (paper, voice, claymation, and across tables full of nerds) gained footing when video games came on the scene. Each new tech upgrade brought more narrative possibilities, from linear plots to branching narrative epics, multimedia blends of live action, bizarre scrolling text, and cutting edge 3D animation.

In amongst this, Craig has also taught game design at RMIT, given talks at festivals in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Germany, written a published book, talked game design on TV, and written stories and dialogue for some of the biggest (and littlest) names in the Los Angeles games scene. He worked with SpongeBob. It’s kind of a big deal.

Now running his own company, Grapple Gun Games, Craig is focusing all this experience and creativity into new projects that inspire, entertain, enlighten, and delight.

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