Help fund Grandpa!

Tasty Tasty Grandpa needs your help! We need to hire an extra programmer to help us LET GRANDPA LIVE, and we're raising funds to do it. Without the funds, it's looking dangerously like we won't be able to finish the game, and much sadness would ensue. Sadness! Ensue! 

So we've started a crowdfunding campaign over at Pozible (they're like Kickstarter in Australia) and we've set up a bunch of rewards for your donations. The campaign video has both a ukulele and a tantrum, so you should check it out on Pozible right now!

To help us on our way, we are extremely lucky to have the wonderful folks at the Freeplay Independent Games Festival helping out and supporting the campaign with their mighty knowledge and experience. Thanks to Freeplay and especially Paul Callaghan.