Imminent Release!

Like a volcano that appears dormant for a year but is slowly building all that LIQUID HOT MAGMA… our first game, Tasty Tasty Grandpa has been building up in the near-silence of the last year. And it's set to EXPLODE!

We've gone all-in to have the game ready for release just after the GDC'14 games convention in San Francisco in March, and we're CLOSE!

So, if you're a player, prepare your palate for sweet cannibalism! And if you're part of the hard-working games media, please hit us up for a chat at GDC (via our Contact page), if we don't hit you up first!

More news to follow as we get closer to submission to Apple. The smoke is rising from that volcano, friends. Time to get your rompey-Pompeii-proof headwear on.