Our focus at Grapple Gun Games is to make high quality, high fun, original games for a variety of platforms. Here's a few of them there games you can learn about RIGHT NOW!

Nosferatu MD

A bumbling surgeon, a ticking clock, a bunch of patrolling nurses, and puddles and puddles of incriminating blood. And yes, also an ancient vampire with AMBITION! Nosferatu MD is a multiplatform arcade game from Grapple Gun Games, under development with the generous assistance of Film Victoria. 

Nosferatu MD: Pre-beta screenshots

Bite patients! 
Drain blood!

Vacuum blood to feed to your vampire family!

Make too many mistakes, and the Surgeon General arrives, and...

... it's Game Over!
Choose your character: Vladimir or Vladmina!

Tasty Tasty Grandpa 

Eat the old! Beware the young! Die with dignity as a Tasty Tasty Grandpa!

Tasty Tasty Grandpa, a hand-animated, 2D eat-em-up game for iOS, takes place inside a giant, circular, theatrical stage. It's like a hamster wheel for humans, in more ways than one. Everything serves as a metaphor for life, only with lots more cannibalism... but cute cannibalism, not gross cannibalism, as in: "we're making cannibalism palatable; here, check out this adorable baby!"

You start as a baby, and you must eat anyone older than yourself to survive and grow. As you age, there are less old people to eat and more young people who want to eat you. If you make it to grandpa age and get to your grave, you die with dignity and you're reborn as a new, wiser, faster baby. If you fail, then you are devoured by a younger generation and it's game over. O, the ravages of youth!

Developer Diary
Our dev diary began on game wundersite Kotaku and continues on its very own dev diary site. Pictures! Words! Happy times! Read up on all the shenanigans.

Release info
The game is undergoing some sweet sweet changes, and will be released 2016

Successful crowdfunding!
We ran a successful crowdfunding campaign, and we're so thankful to our wonderful backers. Want to see the video? Do you appreciate fake tantrums and ukuleles? Of course you do. Check it out over at

Meet us at GDC 2016!
We'll be at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, from March 14-17 2016. We'd love to give you a hands-on demo of our finished game. Please contact us and we'll arrange a time!

In Production [codename: Chiller]

Things are heating up, things are cooling down. Our second title is secret, and will be blasting its arctic breath all over iPhones/iPads soon. 

In Production [codename: Buzzer]

Another secret project, and this time it's electric. Because of the electricity and all, yeah? Coming to iPhone/iPads.