Here's an overview of our company and our games, with screenshots and video. If you need anything specific, please contact us and we'll do our best to help!


Grapple Gun Games Pty Ltd
Based in Melbourne, Australia
Founded in November 2011


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craig (at) grapplegungames (dot) com

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Games in Development

Tasty Tasty Grandpa:
A metaphor for life, told through the mechanic of cannibalism. Tasty Tasty Grandpa
Nosferatu MD: 
A vampire masquerades as a surgeon for the best night shift ever. Nosferatu MD

Company History

Sometime in 2011, after the collapse of the large-scale local games industry in Australia, a grizzled games designer had an epiphany. He epiphed everywhere, it was quite gross. This epiphany went like this: "I got into the game industry years ago to make my OWN games, and I haven't done that yet... maybe the time is NOW..." And the time WAS now. The time is ALWAYS now. So in November 2011, Grapple Gun Games was born. 

It was a smooth ride and everything went swimmingly and there was cake. Ha! I'm joking here. Getting an independent games company up and running with original titles and little money is about as as easy as it sounds. Like, not. Our first game, Tasty Tasty Grandpa, is still in the process of development, after some rocky years, a successful crowdsourcing campaign, a team of veterans living on pure faith, and a blind-side rejection from our core platform. But that story is for another time.

Our second game will be our first release. Because time is a flat circle or something. Nosferatu MD was given life through generous funding from Film Victoria, and after about 18 months in the pipes, it's about ready to rise from its coffin and into the world. We'll let you know how everything goes!


-- We will embed videos of our games here real soon! --


Nosferatu MD (beta images): 

Tasty Tasty Grandpa (alpha images): 

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craig (at) grapplegungames (dot) com